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Put yourself in the position of your house: every day it is exposed to the climatic conditions. The sun, storms, wind and rain all leave their mark. We as human beings can protect ourselves from this – your house cannot. And let’s be honest… doesn’t everyone take some pride in their appearance? We all want to be clean and beautiful, because our appearance is our calling card.

Our care products for the ‘skin’ of your facade are the quality colours we work with. High-quality German brand products can give your house a new shine and lease of life in the long term. Take a close look at your house facade and you will see that it also deserves to be given a ‘cosmetic’ treatment. This is where we can help you.

With our slogan ‘Refreshingly different – Colour your House!’ we will give your home a new face and make you happy in the process. Our specialities are facade coatings, partial facade reinforcement against cracking and high-quality designs for your walls, including innovative texturing techniques, new wallpaper designs, as well as vibrant and top-quality colours for great interiors.

Vor Nach
Vor Nach

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